Revision Plan For You

Revision Plan For You

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Step 1: Choose a Topic

  • Go to the contents page for Microeconomics or Macroeconomics on 

Website Link:

Contents Page – Micro Economics

Contents Page Macro Economics


  • Pick a single topic from the list provided. You can use the links provided or the search box to find the topic you want to revise.

Step 2: Study the Revision Notes

  • Read through the revision notes for the chosen topic on The Tutor Academy website.

  • Understand the theory and concepts presented in the notes.

Step 3: Test Your Knowledge

  • Use the quick-fire quiz questions provided on The Tutor Academy website to test your understanding of the topic.

  • Check your answers against the provided answers in the revision notes.

Step 4: Practice Past Exam Questions

  • Find past exam questions related to the topic you’ve revised. You can ask your teacher or instructor for guidance on where to find these questions.

  • Attempt the exam questions as if you were taking the real exam.

Step 5: Mark Your Answers

  • Compare your answers to the past exam questions with the mark scheme provided.

  • Use a red pen to note down any mistakes you made or any points you missed.

Step 6: Learn from Mistakes

  • Review the points you missed or got wrong in the past exam questions.

  • Make sure to understand these points thoroughly and learn from your mistakes.

Step 7: Repeat the Process

  • Choose another single topic from the contents page and repeat the same process outlined above.

  • Work your way through the entire specification, revising one topic at a time using this step-by-step guide.

By following these steps, you can effectively revise micro and macroeconomic topics and improve your understanding and performance in exams. Simply reading notes or rewriting them is not enough to get a good grade.

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