The top 75 sixth-form colleges

The top 75 sixth-form colleges

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The top 75 sixth-form colleges

The United Kingdom is renowned for its high-quality education system, and one of the most popular choices for students looking to pursue higher education is the sixth form colleges.

These institutions provide a specialized educational experience for students who have completed their GCSEs and wish to further their studies. With a wide range of courses, expert faculty, and excellent facilities, the sixth form colleges in the UK offer students a unique opportunity to excel in their chosen fields.

In this article, we will explore the top 75 sixth form colleges in the UK. This is presented on the league table below.

We will also discuss the factors to consider when deciding whether to send your child to a sixth form college.

Here are ten important factors to take into account:

  1. Academic Reputation: Consider the reputation of the sixth form college in terms of academic excellence, student achievements, and university placement rates. Look for colleges that have a track record of providing high-quality education.
  2. Course Offerings: Evaluate the range of courses and subjects offered by the college. Ensure that they offer the specific subjects and curriculum your child is interested in pursuing. It’s important to have a good fit for your child’s academic and career goals.
  3. Teaching Staff: Investigate the qualifications, experience, and expertise of the teaching staff at the sixth form college. Skilled and knowledgeable teachers can have a significant impact on your child’s learning experience and success.
  4. Facilities and Resources: Assess the facilities and resources available at the college. This includes libraries, laboratories, technology, sports facilities, and extracurricular opportunities. Adequate resources enhance the learning environment and provide a well-rounded education.
  5. Support Services: Determine the level of support services offered by the college. This includes academic support, counseling, career guidance, and special needs provision. A supportive environment can help your child thrive academically and emotionally.
  6. Pastoral Care: Look into the college’s pastoral care system and the support given to students’ overall well-being. Consider factors such as mentorship programs, student welfare, and the college’s approach to managing students’ personal and social development.
  7. Student Culture and Diversity: Consider the diversity and inclusivity of the college. A diverse student body fosters cultural awareness, tolerance, and the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills in a multicultural environment.
  8. Extracurricular Activities: Evaluate the range and quality of extracurricular activities offered by the college. These activities can contribute to your child’s personal development, leadership skills, and well-rounded education.
  9. Location and Accessibility: Consider the location of the college and the ease of access for your child. Evaluate factors such as commuting distance, transportation options, and whether the location aligns with your family’s needs and preferences.
  10. Cost and Financial Considerations: Assess the tuition fees and any additional costs associated with attending the sixth form college. Consider your financial situation and whether the college provides any scholarships, bursaries, or financial aid options.


1 King’s Maths School London
2 Exeter Maths School Exeter
3 London Academy of Excellence Stratford London
4 Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre London
5 Harris Westminster Sixth Form London
6 Hills Road Sixth Form College Cambridge
7 Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Norwich
8 Woodhouse College London
9 Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) Hove
10 Greenhead College Huddersfield
11 St Dominic’s Sixth Form College Harrow-on-the-Hill
12 Harington School Oakham
13 Peter Symonds College Winchester
14 London Academy of Excellence Tottenham London
15 Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College Northwich
16 The College of Richard Collyer Horsham
17 Winstanley College Wigan
18 Chapeltown Academy Sheffield
19 The Sixth Form College Farnborough Farnborough
20 Callywith College Bodmin
21 Kimberley Sixth Form College Bedford
23 Cardinal Newman College Preston
22 Richard Huish College Taunton
24 Esher Sixth Form College Thames Ditton
25 Bilborough Sixth Form College Nottingham
26 Loreto Sixth Form College, Manchester Manchester
27 Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College Leicester
28 Godalming College Godalming
29 Hereford Sixth Form College Hereford
30 King Edward VI College Stourbridge Stourbridge
31 Prior Pursglove College Guisborough
32 Reigate College Reigate
33 John Leggott Sixth Form College Scunthorpe
34 The Blackpool Sixth Form College Blackpool
35 Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College Darlington
36 New College Pontefract Pontefract
37 East Norfolk Sixth Form College Great Yarmouth
38 Shrewsbury Colleges Group Shrewsbury
39 Barton Peveril Sixth Form College Eastleigh
40 Melton Vale Sixth Form College Melton Mowbray
41 Holy Cross College Bury
42 Wyke Sixth Form College Hull
43 Rochdale Sixth Form College Rochdale
44 Queen Mary’s College Basingstoke
45 Carmel College St Helens
46 Notre Dame RC Sixth Form College, Leeds Leeds
47 Scarborough Sixth Form College (S6F) Scarborough
48 Aquinas College Stockport
49 Woking College Woking
50 Xaverian College Manchester
51 Cirencester College Cirencester
52 Ashton Sixth Form College Ashton-under-Lyne
55 Luton Sixth Form College Luton
53 The Sixth Form College Colchester Colchester
54 Bexhill College Bexhill-on-Sea
60 Marple Sixth Form College Stockport
58 One Sixth Form College Ipswich
57 Thomas Rotherham College Rotherham
56 Elliott Hudson College Leeds
59 New College Doncaster Doncaster
61 Worcester Sixth Form College Worcester
62 Solihull Sixth Form College Solihull
63 Oldham Sixth Form College Oldham
64 St Brendan’s Sixth Form College Bristol
65 King Edward VI College, Nuneaton Nuneaton
68 The Henley College Henley-on-Thames
67 Priestley College Warrington
66 Franklin Sixth Form College Grimsby
69 City of Stoke-On-Trent Sixth Form College Stoke-on-Trent
71 Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College Birmingham
70 Connell Co-op College Manchester
72 Birkenhead Sixth Form College Wirral
73 Richard Taunton Sixth Form College Gosport
74 Portsmouth College Portsmouth
75 Long Road Sixth Form College Cambridge


Data source: The Sunday Times, Parents Power School Guide 2022

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