Stakeholder Mapping Theory

Stakeholder Mapping Theory

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Stakeholder Mapping 

Understanding the role and importance of stakeholders

What is Stakeholder Mapping?

The stakeholder mapping theory sorts stakeholders out in terms of their relative power and interest.

This theory highlights that not all stakeholders are the same. Stakeholders vary in terms of the power and influence they have on a business. 

Stakeholder Mapping Diagram

AQA | Teaching guide: stakeholder mapping


Who are the Stakeholders?

A stakeholder is anyone that has an interest in the business. E.g. suppliers, customers, managers, government, shareholders etc. They can impact or be impacted by businesses actions. 

Amazon – Stakeholder Mapping

  • Managed Closely (High Power & High Interest) – Shareholders & managers
  • Keep Informed (Low Power & High Interest) – Investors
  • Monitor (Low power & Low Interest) – Employees & customers
  • Keep Satisfied – (High Power & Low Interest) – Local council & community
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