Factors influencing Growth and Development on Education / Skills

Factors influencing Growth and Development on Education / Skills

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Factors influencing Growth and Development on Education / Skills

Human Capital

Education and training are key components of human capital, providing individuals with knowledge and skills to participate in the workforce and innovate.


Can lead to increased productivity and higher economic growth, reduced poverty and improved health.

Skilled Workforce

Improves productivity and wages leading to economic growth, adaptability to changing technologies.

Vocational Training

Can improve skills and lead to higher productivity, reduced unemployment.

Access to Education

Fundamental right, lack of access leads to income and opportunity inequality.

Quality of Education

Necessary for successful education and human capital development.


Driven by a highly educated and skilled workforce, leading to increased productivity and growth.

Government Investment

Can improve skills of workforce and increase productivity for higher economic growth.


Subsidies, tax credits or grants can encourage individuals and employers to invest in education and training.


Quick Fire Questions – Knowledge Check

1. Identify and explain five factors influencing the Growth and Development on Education / Training (10 marks)


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